We are geeks who are turned on by (and hell bent on) uncovering the shimmering just below the surface. We created Seven & Sixty to explore the stories all around us. Our mission is to get people to think on film and turn it into something other people want to watch, to muse about, to pass along, and to laugh with.

We produce short films, small documentaries and web-based videos that are designed to hold people's attention. We think of each piece as an art project, and pour our heart and soul into each frame and musical note. Our clients include small businesses and nonprofit organizations across an array of categories, and individuals with a story to tell. We also have a few ideas of our own up our sleeves, flights of fancy we'd love to capture, so stay tuned. If you'd like to receive notice of future projects, please sign up here.


As a management consultant with the global strategy firm McKinsey & Co., and senior strategist with the brand strategy firm Tait Subler, Susan has worked with Fortune 500 companies and nonprofit organizations developing and implementing strategies to improve competitive differentiation. Before receiving her MBA from the University of Michigan, Susan worked as a consultant, program director and marketing and communications director in the nonprofit sector, primarily for organizations in education and the arts. She began her career as a teacher with Teach For America in South Central Los Angeles. To answer the question posed by Seven and Sixty’s first film, after living in cities throughout the world, from New York to Los Angeles, and London to San Francisco, Susan is here because of the homing instinct implanted in every Twin Cities native – in this case, her husband.


Mary has worn a variety of hats in her professional career: social worker, government/external relations advocate, Executive Director of a health clinic and most recently, consultant to a range of non-profit and for-profit organizations. She has a Masters Degree in Public Policy and Public Administration, and has served on the governing board of several local non-profit agencies. Off the clock, she likes to run, cook, tap dance and read memoirs. Her claim to fame is that she’s never had a cup of coffee. She has lived in South Dakota, Indiana, France, New York City, Madison, and on the Texas/Mexico border. As to the question of “Why We’re Here,” she’s in St. Paul because as a native South Dakotan, she always suspected she’d live in “The Cities” one day, and finally, happily, made that happen.