The Minneapolis Foundation

The Minneapolis Foundation, one of the leading philanthropic organizations in the Twin Cities, approached us in the spring of 2012 and asked us to create a piece to tell the stories of some of the people they work with in the community. The resulting video was shown at their annual meeting and is also featured on the home page of their website.

Over the course of a two-day shoot we interviewed thirteen “changemakers” at work on the frontlines to improve the quality of life for everyone in the Twin Cities. The Mill City Museum and the Minneapolis Central Public Library graciously donated their spaces for the shoots. deVon Gray (dVRG) of the hip-hop group Heiruspecs created an original moving piano score for the piece.

Many thanks to our interview subjects, who work in the areas of education, the arts, youth development, housing, immigration reform, workforce development, and human rights: Bill Blazar, Yvonne Cheung Ho, George Ellis, Tom Fulton, Cheryl & Jake Jacobsen, Louis King, Gloria Perez, Stephanie Rich, Terry Saario & Lee Lynch, John Sullivan and Vallay Varro.